I have learned through trial and error that great insights come from the combined knowledge of my experiences. These experiences have given me the ability to think differently, analyze objectively and produce beautifully.

I am (replace with any fragment below).
an entrepreneur. a dog person. a boyfriend. a homeowner. a DIYer. an uncle. a beer & brats kind of guy. a damn good friend. a zombie nut. a Mad Men watcher. not the man you wish your man smelled like. a Gemini. a hockey player. someone who looks forward to the next challenge. in love. driven. curious. competitive. independent. rebellious. direct. sarcastic. well-traveled. thankful.

The culmination of all I am has led me to see past the obvious and into the obscure, to offer up a unique perspective, and to realize there is so much more to experience.




One Show
2x Communication Arts Exhibit
36 AAF Addy Awards (district & regional)
Logo Lounge 2,3,5
Logo Lounge Master Library Volumes 1 & 2
The Best of Business Card Design 8
1,000 Restaurant Bar & Cafe Graphics
Print Regional
Big Book of Letterheads
American Design Awards (Web)
The Great Design Show: One
Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design
8 American Graphic Design Awards